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AGT Vixen

The AGT Vixen is one of the most impressive out of the box rifles we have seen in a very long time at The RAT Works. The fully back flowed shroud over the barrel is very effective, easily the best we have ever seen from any manufacturer. The attention to detail AGput into the fully adjustable sidelever action is noteworthy, there is a small detent that keeps the sidelever back when loading magazines, that feature alone is very useful as any shooter who has tried loading a magazine with the rifle pointing at the floor will tell you. It can also be configured from right to left in minutes for anyone preferring to shoot left-handed.

Overall the rifle is comfortable to shoulder and well balanced, especially when complemented with a smaller scope, something less than 44mm objective suits the fast handling superbly.

The fast action makes for minimal ‘lock time’ and very efficient air usage means hundreds of shots per fill from the small 250cc carbon bottle with it’s well designed regulator and 300bar fill pressure.

The stock
With the bottle rear mounted on the Vixen the buttpad/cheekpiece is adjustable in rotation, with the bracket nipped up on the bottle. The buttpad itself is adjustable downwards to allow a good fit into the shoulder. This allows the stock to be suited perfectly to the shooter allowing positive eye/scope alignment with a good head position.

We recommend using medium or high mounts with the Vixen and your chosen scope.  The short stepped Weaver/Picatinny accessory rail tightly follows the contours of the action and barrel shroud, with a guard at the front which is more for aesthetics over form as it carries across from the tactical styling. It would be a perfect mounting point for a torch or bipod if required.

The pistol grip is basic in shape but soft touch and textured for a secure hold, possibly something to swap out for one of the AR15 compatible grips that are widely available if you have large hands or prefer a more formed grip. Overall the Length of Pull is not too short, coming in at around 14”unlike most tactical style rifles.


The trigger unit has 3 adjustment screws, a first stage length, first stage weight and second stage let off adjustment, these can be set to your preference, we set the triggers for a safe and responsive let off as part of our RAT Works setup to allow a perfect let off to keep your groups tight. The safety is a push through style that blocks the trigger sears from moving, always a sign of a well thought out trigger unit!


The barrel is a hammer forged CZ, with an inset probe seal, meaning smooth loading of the magazine and bolt cycling with minimal chance of damaging it in use. The barrel is quickly and easily removeable for cleaning if ever required, with an indent for correct refitting. With the rifle we tested on the range, we were shooting ½” groups at 50m within 2 magazines of JSB Heavies, definitely worth a try in CZ barrels!

Brand: AGT Technology

Available Calibres: 5.5 mm / .22
Available Models: Long

Fill pressure (bar / psi): 300 / 4351

Magazine Capacity:  12 shot in 22

Safety: Yes

Weight (KG): 2.3

Barrel Length (mm):400mm (Long)

Total length (mm) : 920mm (Long)

Mounting rail type: Weaver / Picatinny

Stock: Ambidextrous

In the Box: Gunbag, 2 Magazines, Fill probe


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