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The Anschutz 9015 target rifles are developed with absolute performance in mind for their hugely popular 10M shooting discipline in Europe.

Fortunately this performance also translates into the UK, and Anschutz have granted us special permission to develop our own 12ftlbs specification model and bring them to you as ready converted, fully customised rifles to suit your full power needs.

Working alongside this very solid performance a member of our RAT Works team Mr Simon ‘Tench’ Howarth has gone beyond the production specification of the 9015 HP, to develop the action beyond what is feasibly possible for Anschutz to do in their production. This conversion has proven to be the most efficient, stable and reliable conversion available for these Anschutz air rifles with many championships and titles won by rifles converted by Tench at the hands of many shooters, including himself.

Building your 9015

Please note all 9015 actions are the same, select that first, select what parts or work you would like done, and then select the stock option you’d like the action supplied with. Details on the stocks can be found on the other Anschutz page.

The Anschutz 9015 Barrelled Action

The 9015 barrelled action was developed from the successful ANSCHÜTZ 9003 Premium air rifle barrelled action.

With optimised air pressure control characteristics, a new patented 5065 4K trigger with ball bearings and versatile adjustable trigger blade, a stainless steel barrel unit and the thin, special coated barrel extension, also made of stainless steel, this barrelled action will replace all former ANSCHÜTZ air rifle barrelled actions in the future.


The features of the Anschutz 9015 barrelled action are below:

  • Maintenance free stabilizer.
  • Revolutionary firing pin and valve system for even calmer shot release.
  • Optimised flow behaviour.
  • Recoil and vibration free compressed air barrelled action.
  • Extremely short lock time.
  • Precisely adjustable match trigger with axial ball bearing.
  • Optimised cocking.
  • Special concept for dry firing and safety.
  • Air filter against pollutions.
  • Maintenance-friendly system.
  • Easily exchangeable compressed air cylinder with manometer.
  • Adjustable trigger blade.
  • Cocking lever mountable left and right.

Technical Data


4.5 mm

Rifling (mm):


Length of twist (mm):


Number of grooves:


Barrel length (mm):


Length of the barrel unit (as standard) (mm):






Length of barreled action (mm):

734 – 844

Weight (g):


Anschutz 4K Trigger

Anschutz 4K Trigger

ANSCHÜTZ match triggers have always set new standards of quality, reliability and precision. With the newly developed and patented 5065 4K trigger, ANSCHÜTZ presents top-class sport with a mechanical trigger that goes above and beyond all previous ANSCHÜTZ triggers. It could probably be said that it is the best mechanical trigger in the world. The patented 5065 4K trigger impresses with its unprecedented extremely short trigger release time. The axial ball bearing (4K = 4 bearing balls, marked in yellow) on the trigger lever guarantees completely play-free trigger blade mounting. The resulting harmonic, even-running first stage travel leaves no desires unfulfilled. The very clear contrast when achieving the two stage gives the shooter a very precise contact with the shot.


Technical Data


Two stage trigger 5065 4K



Tilting range (mm):


Adjustment of the trigger shoe (mm):


Trigger blade:


Color of the trigger shoe:


Trigger weight, adjusted (g):


Adjustment of the trigger weight (mm):


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