BSA Range

BSA is one of the oldest names in airguns, with a firearms manufacturing heritage stretching back over 150 years. BSA now offer a wide range of air rifles, the light and compact BSA Ultra SE, the longer and higher shot count BSA Scorpion SE and a range of R10 models and more recently the Goldstar SE, their HFT based rifle. They have just released the BSA Defiant Bullpup which is a first for BSA pushing into the Bullpup market.

BSA Ultra SE

The BSA Ultra SE offers one of the best lightweight, compact and balanced rifles money can buy. The well-priced Ultra SE makes the ultimate hunting tool for long stalks, shooting from the confines of a vehicle or hide, and they are an excellent way to introduce youngsters to the sport thanks to the compact size and reliable accuracy.
The Tench Regulator and Tune package we offer on the Ultra SE Is a great way to keep the compact size but increase the shot count, accuracy and enhance the overall quality of the Ultra SE.
Tench Regulator fitting to the BSA Ultra SE
This is one of the most common packages of work we do for BSA, shooters love the Ultra SE for its lightweight and compact characteristics, making them the perfect hunting rifles but the standard shot count is low because of the compact size. If you are looking for 100+ shots a fill from your BSA, you should consider upgrading to the Scorpion and having it upgraded or get an R-10. Choosing the right rifle for your needs is a major part of your shooting enjoyment.
The Ultra SE does have an exceptionally small on-board volume with it being a carbine rifle, however thanks to the work done when the Tench Regulator is installed to improve air efficiency the shot counts can still be increased dramatically, and any power curve removed, giving you the perfect compact rifle with a large shot count without the addition of weight or length. 

The Tench Regulator installation still leaves the onboard gauge reading fill pressure and the addition of the regulator adds no length to the standard air tube assembly.

BSA Scorpion SE

The perfect rifle for a mixed discipline shooter. Whether you’re into hunting, target shooting, plinking or shooting at the range the BSA Scorpion SE may be the perfect rifle for you. The bigger brother of the Ultra SE the Scorpion SE offers more shots per fill but with the addition of a little more weight.
These rifles offer a great deal of flexibility and are a great platform for customisation and performance development for those who want a rifle that’s a little extra special.
Tench Regulator fitting to the BSA Scorpion SE
As the Scorpion SE is a very versatile platform for many shooting disciplines there are many options available to customise and develop the performance of the rifle to suit your needs. Accuracy enhancement, increasing shot count or creating a carbine fully shrouded stalking rifle with a high shot count can all be easily achieved to suit your needs. If you’d like to see what options are available to you please have a look at the BSA quote builder to see what customisation options you have.

The Tench Regulator installation still leaves the onboard gauge reading fill pressure and the addition of the regulator adds no length to the standard air tube assembly.

BSA R-10 (all models)

BSAs flagship model and the only buddy bottle rifle in their range the R-10 offers a unique package from BSA. The R-10 is available in 2 models, the carbine and full length, the carbine is becoming increasingly popular to maintain a compact rifle. The R-10 offers a huge shot count thanks to the on-board regulator and is the perfect rifle for long shooting sessions.
The R-10 is the most popular rifle we have in for work, to replace the standard regulator and customise with many options such as our 30mm carbon fibre shrouds which reduce the muzzle report hugely.
Tench Regulator fitting to the BSA R-10
*this includes all models of the R-10, the MK1, MK2 SE and all variants*

The Tench Regulator and tune package involves extensive changes to the standard BSA action, giving a much-improved performance in many areas. Some machining is required to install the Tench Regulator unit into the R-10 action as it fits in line with the firing valve, unlike the standard regulator which sits in the lower portion of the rifle. Because of this the air capacity of the rifle is slightly increased, further gaining shot count over the standard setup.

BSA Goldstar SE

BSAs HFT offering, fitted with a regulator and a fully adjustable stock the Goldstar SE opens a new level for BSA as they venture into a very competitive sector of the airgun market. The Goldstar is available in singleshot and multishot versions for different disciplines and can even be used as a fully adjustable hunting setup for those hunters who appreciate the refinement of adjustable stocks.
Tench Regulator fitting to the BSA Goldstar SE
We can develop the Goldstar SE to a higher level of performance for HFT and FT, with a replacement Tench regulator increasing shot count, and short stroked anti bounce hammer setups which decrease lock time to transform the feel of the rifle.
BSA Goldstar SE’s with Tench Regulators achieve much higher shot counts than the BSA regulators, with their more efficient use of higher pressure air the pellets also often fly more accurately and with a better Ballistic Coefficient (BC), meaning a flatter trajectory, and more downrange power for the same power at the muzzle.