Air Arms Range


The S200 offers one of the best lightweight, compact and balanced rifles money can buy. The right angle grip presents the trigger finger well for good trigger technique and the single shot action makes for a solid base for accurate, consistent shooting for all disciplines. The well-priced S200 makes the ultimate hunting tool for long stalks, clinical accuracy and stealthy performance in the field.

Tench Regulator fitting to the S200

This is one of the most common packages of work we do for Air Arms, shooters love the S200 for its lightweight, accurate and compact characteristics, making them the perfect hunting or plinking rifles but the standard shot count is low because of the compact size.

Thanks to the work done when the Tench Regulator is installed to improve air efficiency the shot counts can still be increased dramatically and any power curve removed, giving you the perfect compact rifle with a large shot count with little addition of weight or length.

Air Arms S3/4/500 series rifles

The perfect rifle for a mixed discipline shooter, whether you’re into hunting, target shooting, plinking or shooting at the range, Air Arms may offer the perfect rifle for you. These rifles offer a great deal of flexibility of discipline and are well known for their performance at all levels of airgun shooting.
Regulator fitting to the S3/4/500 series

As the S400 and its variants are a very versatile platform for many shooting disciplines there are few options to change them beyond fitting a Regulator for accuracy enhancement and increasing shot count. 

The Regulator installation still leaves the on board gauge reading Regulator pressure because the bottom mounted Air Arms gauge works from the firing valve, we can supply and fit a front mounted gauge for you as part of the work done if you’d like to keep an eye on your fill pressure. The addition of the regulator adds no length to the standard air tube assembly.

Air Arms Pro Target/EV2/FTP900

Air Arms Target based series, fitted with a regulator and a fully adjustable stock they are very popular on many competitive shooting platforms. We can work on these to develop their performance further and customise them to your needs, with carbine barrels, shorter cylinders, replacement regulators and other modifications to enhance your shooting scores.

Air Arms Springers!

Air Arms offer 2 springers o their current line-up, the Tx200 and the Prosport, both are high quality, high performing rifles, both widely regarded as the best out of the box springers you can buy.
We have done extensive work on these over the last 5 years, developing our own work packages which focus on a smooth reliable shot cycle, reducing recoil and greater recoil management characteristic for the shooter, resulting in rifles that don’t suffer from the problems which springers are renowned for out of the box. 

On the face of them, springer rifles are very basic, however when you take the time to look and investigate all their characteristics, you can make huge steps in their efficiency, ‘field’ accuracy and overall performance. Have a look at our springer section for full details on what we do for springer rifles.