Air Arms S200 Tune

The tune includes the following: The rifle is stripped down to its component parts; they are inspected for any wear and overall quality. In most cases parts can be machined or replaced if needed, and are not charged for. The rifle is worked through as follows:

Hammer Mechanism
  • Ensure the assembly is free of any oil, grease or debris which can cause consistency issues
  • Re-finish hammer spring to a higher accuracy
  • Polish the bearing surfaces in the hammer
  • Custom made hammer weight & guide made if hammer is noisy
Loading assembly
  • Loading probe modified for better airflow on some models
  • Bearing surfaces polished and action block degreased
  • If the 10 shot magazine system is fitted it’s often modified to work smoothly
  • Lubricant is added to parts of the assembly to allow a smoother action
    Bolt lock up mechanism is polished for more responsive and smoother movement, also increasing the rifles consistency.
  • Bolt flip upon firing is removed or reduced with addition of a new banjo if needed
Exhaust valve, transfer port & barrel
  • The exhaust valve stem assembly is modified to run more efficiently
  • Valve body is modified for better airflow through the firing cycle increasing efficiency
  • The valve pressure is reset to give a better performance between heavy and lighter pellets
  • The transfer port is modified to give a higher degree of air flow efficiency
  • Crown of the barrel re-cut or polished if needed to increase the rifles accuracy
  • Transfer port and barrel are aligned correctly
  • The Adjuster in the transfer port is set with minimum restriction to allow a much more efficient use of air, 90% of the power setting is done with the hammer spring shortening. Only the final setting is done on this adjuster, which also helps with the FPS variance.
Trigger assembly
  • Sears are polished to a smoother finish
  • Trigger adjustment screws are modified to give a more accurate contact point on the second sear
  • Hammer and sear latching faces  faced & polished
  • Trigger sear arm sides are polished and lubricated, and sometimes spacered to stop it rubbing on the action
  • Trigger let-off is set to a comfortable and safe amount with a definitive 1st and second stage
    1st stage travel can be reduced if desired

Some parts may be chargeable although I do replace many damaged parts for free as standard. O-ring seals are replaced as standard throughout the rifle and refitted with the correct lubrication.

What pressure can I fill to after the Regulator is fitted?

Regulated Air Arms fill pressures are as follows:

  • Air Arms S200 – 200bar
  • Air Arms S300/S310 – 200bar
  • Air Arms S400/S410 – 200bar
  • Air Arms S510/HFT 500 – 200bar
  • Air Arms EV2/FTP900 – 200bar

On some rifles the addition of the Regulator adds 40mm to the length of your rifles air reservoir. See table for details.