About Us

The RAT Works was born in 2012 from a passion for problem-solving and technical development. Since then we have grown and collaborated together. We work to help develop the UK air rifle performance market for all airgun shooters.

Using our expertise and vast experience in all areas of airgun and wider mechanical engineering, we bring together a wealth of knowledge. Our problem-solving and innovation aims are to enhance airgun performance for customers and manufacturers alike.

The Regulating and Tuning Works, or ‘RAT Works’ was named in conjunction with two things – Regulating and Tuning – which is what we do.

The ‘Works’, apart from being simply short for ‘Workshop’, came about as a tribute to the legendary ‘Skunk Works’, the specialist Lockheed Martin team who are known for their innovation, teamwork and vision, and who created the ground-breaking SR-71 Blackbird.


“An innovative undertaking, involving a small group of people that work outside the normal research and development channels intended to design new ideas.”

We are all very passionate about airguns and all shoot at different levels, from world champions to hunting for pest control. Most of all, we enjoy the challenges and complexities of the engineering and manufacture of airguns.

This has challenged us all and has led to the development of new performance parts, techniques and processes which we deliver together to customers as The RAT Works.

90% of our work for customers is done by the time we spend on the bench – making parts, modifying rifles and customising them to better suit the shooter.

Our customer service and support are the most important things to us. We are all shooters first of all, and we want our products, support and the whole experience to be over and above the industry standard.

We do get very busy with our workload, but we do our best to support you with our after-sales service and a lifetime guarantee on our work.


“A massive thanks for the work you have carried out on my R10s, both are an absolute dream to use now. Just had a weekend out with them and what a difference, they are totally transformed and the actions are as smooth as silk. I now have two rifles that not only look stunning but have the performance to match.”

“Just want to say how fantastic the rifle feels and shoots. Many thanks again.”

“I put the gun back together and fired a couple shots last name night, I have to say it’s shooting as sweet as a nut, many thanks for mending, tuning and an easy time with postage. I will be more than happy to put your name forward to other enthusiasts and if/when needed I will be calling again.”

“Been out back zero and shoot and got to say this is a different rifle. I couldn’t be happier, thanks for sorting it out.”

“I’ve been down to my local club today with the rifle and I’m very impressed with it. It’s more accurate than my hw100 now. Thanks again for doing a great job.”

“Thanks very much for the great job you did. The R10 looks so much better now! I’ll definitely recommend your services to my air gun buddies in Dorset.”

“I am extremely impressed with the quality of workmanship on my Ultra. Its operation is as smooth as silk and the gun is a pleasure to use, the trigger is excellent. Thanks for the rapid turnaround, I would recommend your service to anyone.”