Springer Tuning Service

Springer tuning is generally more beneficial to the higher end springers such as the Air Arms, Walther or HW rifles which can see great performance benefits overall. However other springers can be worked on and improved. We now have 2 stages of tune on Springer rifles, in both, the below applies as a brief description of the work done, as well as the package you choose.

The action is stripped down and fully degreased to remove all lubricant, grease or oil that may be present in the rifle. This is later replaced where needed with lubricants resistant to thermal characteristic changes, migration and collection of debris. The rifles internals are all deburred to aid smoothness while cocking and reduce wear on parts such as the piston and cocking slot which adds to the smooth working of the action.

A custom spring guide and top hat are made to fit your specific rifle, further reducing action noise and any inconsistencies during spring when firing and during spring compression. In most rifles the piston weight is removed to reduce recoil and cocking effort.

The standard spring is squared off to a higher accuracy to increase compression stability, increase shot to shot performance and reduce recoil and action noise. The action is then reassembled and tested. Generally a few coils are removed from the spring to reduce the power back to the legal limit bec

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