Weihrauch Range


The HW100 offers one of the best out of the box rifles money can buy. The slick sidelever Multishot action makes for a solid base for accurate, consistent shooting for all disciplines. The well-engineered HW100 has long been credited as the ‘untuneable’ rifle, with its excellent accuracy and stealthy performance in the field thanks to its on board regulator and hammer forged barrel, but we have disproven that.

The Tench Regulator and Tune package we offer on the HW100 is a great way to keep the compact size but increase the shot count, accuracy and enhance the overall quality of the HW100, doubling the standard shot count in most rifles.

Tench Regulator fitting to the HW100
Thanks to the work done when the Tench Regulator is installed to improve air efficiency the shot counts can still be increased dramatically and any power curve removed, giving you the perfect rifle with a large shot count.

HW Springer rifles

HW are probably one of the most famous springer manufacturers win the world, with their Rekord trigger system and German engineering they have a huge following in the airgun world, with many of the top selling springers in the UK being the HW97 and 95 rifles.
HW Springer Tuning

We can vastly improve all the HW springer range. Springers are very critical on tolerances inside them and production doesn’t allow them to be setup as well as they could be for us 12ftlbs shooters. With some fine tuning and internal modifications to help them shoot more efficiently at 12ftlbs they become very nice to shoot. No ‘twang’ on firing, smoother to cock, a very linear recoil cycle allowing you to maintain a good slight picture along with reduced overall recoil, they become very easy to shoot accurately at longer ranges.