Weihrauch (HW) Regulate & Tune

The tune includes the following: The rifle is stripped down to its component parts; they are inspected for any wear and overall quality. In most cases parts can be machined or replaced if needed, and are not charged for.

The rifle is worked through as follows:

Hammer Mechanism
  • Ensure the assembly is free of any oil, grease or debris which can cause consistency issues
  • Polish the bearing surfaces in the hammer
  • Hammer latch/trigger sear face modified if needed
  • Hammer stem is modified to run more efficiently
Loading assembly
  • Loading probe modified on some earlier models for better airflow, pellet feed and smoothness
  • Bearing surfaces cleaned, and correctly lubricated
  • The magazine locating pin is modified to give a smoother movement
  • Lubricant is added to parts of the assembly to allow a smoother action
Exhaust valve, transfer port & barrel
  • The exhaust valve stem assembly is modified to run more efficiently
  • Valve is refaced if needed
  • Breech face modified if needed to prevent damage to pellets while loading
  • Crown of the barrel re-cut the to increase the rifles accuracy
Trigger assembly
  • Sears are inspected, and cleaned of debris, should there be any damage or poor finish the faces are polished to a smoother finish
  • Trigger let-off is set to a comfortable and safe amount.
Some parts may be chargeable although I do replace many damaged parts for free as standard. O-ring seals are replaced as standard throughout the rifle and refitted with the correct lubrication.

New ideas are developed constantly and are added over time. The HW regulator is removed and replaced entirely with a Tench Regulator, which have been proven over many years to perform fantastically, giving performance far beyond the standard regulator, with a higher shot count and better shot to shot performance with no power creep over the fill.

What pressure can I fill to after the Regulator is fitted?

With the work completed it is possible to fill the rifle to 250bar if desired with no detriment to performance, allowing a huge increase in shot count.

Will I still be able to remove my cylinder?

No. When being Tench regulated the rear tube assembly is removed and the Tench regulator carrier is fitted into its place, this makes the cylinder non-removable unlike the standard HW100 cylinder. The standard regulator adjustment screw is removed and a blanking pug fitted, this is also non removable while the cylinder is pressurised.