Impact M3 - FAC

The design and build of the Impact M3 make it a fantastic FAC air rifle. The Hammer, Regulator and Valve adjustment offers everything you need for in the field setup of your rig. Also, thanks to the modular build of the Impact there are plenty of accessories to customise or improve performance further if the user wishes.

Your Impact will receive our FAC service and set up. With all the work we carry out at the RAT Works there is a lifetime warranty against leaks, as long as the Rifle care guide is followed. Please see our terms and conditions for further details

The initial service and set up we do will give a balance between reliability, power and shot count with pellets or slugs, they can make more power than what we will set the rifle up to do if desired, this is done at your discretion.

All FX Impact M3 FAC models come fitted with the larger 720 power plenum as standard. .177 and .35 FX Impacts at FAC are special order items, contact us for pricing and availability.

FX Warranty

The onboard adjustments which are available need to be used within their mechanical limits to give reliable performance. If you wish to alter your Impact in any way, you need to understand how one adjustment influences the other, they need to be setup in balance to work efficiently. Altering settings incorrectly on the air rifle will invalidate your warranty.

Altering the onboard adjustments, including the fitting of aftermarket or FX genuine parts, may invalidate your warranty with us. If you are not 100% confident in fitting any parts or adjusting the settings yourself, seek advice and/or the services of a competent person. 


Once you have purchased the rifle of your choice you can either come over to us and pick it up or we can ship it out.

We are unable to ship any form of firearm directly to you, due to the firearms act of 2006.

This means you must give us the details of your nearest RFD or Gun shop.

To ship firearms we use Parcelforce courier service incurring £32.50 carriage on top of your purchase. Your RFD or Gun shop may choose to add a handling fee at their discretion.

ALL new air rifles will now need to be paid in full before an air rifle is ordered from the distributer.

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