Rifle Care

Whether you have had a regulator and tune, a full service or you have brought a RAT works edition rifle, looking after your rifle is an important part of owning a Air rifle.

PCP Air rifles

PCP Air rifles have many o-rings inside there inner workings and the main cause of PCP air rifles leaking is when these o rings go hard and deform. This can be avoided by two simple methods that can be applied to all PCP air rifles you may own.

Method 1 - If you are not going to use your PCP air rifles for two weeks or more then dry fire 4-5 shots, one day a week. This will help keep the o-rings inside the action moving and stop them going hard and deforming. Dry firing your rifle won't cause any damage to the rifle workings and is perfectly safe to do so.

Method 2 - Each time you have used the rifle an you come to put the rifle away. Vary the pressure that you leave the rifle sorted at each time you have used it. Any pressure between the rifles maximum fill pressure and 100 bar will be safe to leave the rifle stored at. Doing this will again keep the o-rings inside the action moving and stop them going hard and deformed.

Doing one or both of these methods will mean you won't need a service for at least 5-10 years. 

Spring rifles

Spring rifle car is pretty straight forward, the one rule we have is just use it! the more use a spring rifle gets the better it gets. The only thing not to do with a spring rifle is NEVER DRY FIRE your spring rifle. Dry firing it will result in damage or broken internal parts so never dry fire your spring rifle under any circumstances!

Barrel Cleaning & Care

Before cleaning your barrel make sure all shrouds/ moderators/ air strippers are removed before you attempt to clean your barrel. Instructions on how to remove any of these should have been given when you purchased them. Removing a RAT Works shroud will not affect your your lifetime warranty unless something is damaged.

When it comes to cleaning your barrel, we recommend using a pull through kit with dry patches. We DO NOT recommend using and oil or lube or barrel cleaning products when cleaning your barrel. We have had many incidents over the years where these have actually caused an issue with the rifle. If you do need to give your barrel a deep clean, then we recommend that you use a bit of break cleaner or a similar Tetrachloroethylene liquid but always pull through 2-3 dry patches afterwards to get rid of any excess liquid.

With the pull through kits you should continue pulling patches through until the patches come out clean with no lead dust on them. 

All rifles that we work on or sell here  at The RAT Works do have their barrels cleaned and checked before they go out the door.

Anschutz 9015 & 9015 HP Models

As well as the the points mentioned previously in this article, there are a couple of other things you will need to do to keep your rifle performing after the Tench conversion.

1) We recommend filling your rifle to 180 bar and shooting down to 100, we have found this is area that the rifle will before best at after having the conversion work done.

2) Barrels should be cleaned after 100-150 shots, Anschutz barrels prefer to be cleaner to perform well.

3) check your breech seal regularly, if this is contaminated or has chunks missing out of it this will cause your rifle performance issues.

For any thing else please contact us for more details.