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Please read the information below regarding the different work options. To book your air rifle in please fill out the options at the bottom of this page. Once you have filled everything out, add the work to your basket and proceed to the checkout.

FX rifles have been pushed to the edge of reliable air gunning, and that is not what we are about with our FAC tuning, the closer you run to that edge, the more likely you are to fall off it, getting as close as you can, while maintaining reliability is key. This edge does not always relate to power, it also means accuracy and performance.

FX have unfortunately gained a reputation for unreliability thanks to users adjusting setups and not appreciating the critical balance you need to achieve reliability. 

The recipe we use is aimed at giving you the greatest chance of the rifle staying reliable in the field and maintenance free for as long as possible, while remaining accurate from one shooting session to the next. Our service and set up will aim to minimise mechanical stress, maximising efficiency and feasible power in the build, to give optimum reliability for effective FAC shooting, whether it be on targets or vermin. 

‘Just because’ somebody does it on YouTube does not mean it should be done, often the figures posted are there just because they have made more power than last week, power is not everything. The rifle may perform for that one fill or half a dozen shots for a video, but power does not always work with reliability or even efficient ballistic performance. Going faster is not always as efficient, or as reliable as slower projectiles, giving more repeatable windage characteristics, and therefore easier to obtain accuracy.

For FAC users, please specify the following in the boxes below: 
- Any additional notes or current issues you are having with the air rifle.
- What FPS or FT/LBS you would realistically like to achieve
- Current pellet/slug that the air rifle is accurate with. 

Please provide us with a tin/box of the ammunition you would like the rifle to be setup with. If we have to provide the ammunition then you will be charged.


We will discuss with you what is possible in terms of reliability, accuracy and reliable performance should your specifications be unrealistic. This is done at our discretion, we will work with you as best we can regarding this, but ultimately, we look for reliable, repeatable performance.

PLEASE NOTE: any pellet or slug supplied with the air rifle for us to set up should have been thoroughly tested by the user first in terms of speed and accuracy. If ammunition is supplied without testing by the user this may effect the outcome of your service and set up. We will not be held responsible for power or accuracy variations if you send untested ammunition.

FX Warranty

With all the work we carry out at the RAT Works there is a lifetime warranty against leaks, as long as the Rifle care guide is followed and none of the user adjustments are changed after it has been to us. If you are looking to change your setup or have an issue please contact us first before you alter anything. Altering settings incorrectly on the air rifle will potentially invalidate your warranty. Please see our terms and conditions for further details.

Getting your air rifle to us

Whether you would like to use our courier collection & return service or you would like to drop the air rifle in person. You will need to read through our delivery information by 
clicking here. All FAC rifles need to be dropped off or collected in person, or via an RFD. Our Courier service is not available on FAC rifles to/from residential addresses.

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