AGT Vixen - Service & Set up

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AGT Vixen - Service & Set up

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The AGT Vixen is one of the best rifles out of the box, that we have seen in the last few years from any manufacturer because of this there isn't any real need to tune them but we have noticed a couple of issues with the rifles we have seen so far, one being reg creep and the other is the power spiking when the fill pressure goes below 100 bar. 

Because of these issues we have found we now go through each rifle and do the following:

- Modify and reset the regulator to our specification.

- Modify the valve set up to our specification.

- Full service the rifle.

- Clean and check the barrel.

- Leak test each rifle for a minimum of 24 hours

- adjust and set power to 11.4 - 11.6 ft/lbs with minimal fps spread.

All this will lead to a well balanced rifle with maximum air effecency and high shot count.

This service is for AGT Vixens not sold by us The RAT Works. Each rifle will fall under our lifetime warranty after having this service.