Anschutz 9015 & 9015 HP

The Anschutz 9015 target rifles are developed with absolute performance in mind for the hugely popular 10M shooting discipline in Europe.

Fortunately this performance also translates into the UK, for HFT and FT uses and Anschutz have granted us special permission to develop our own 12ftlbs specification model to suit your full power needs for HFT/FT.

Working with this very solid performance, a member of our RAT Works team Mr Simon ‘Tench’ Howarth has gone beyond the production specification of the 9015 HP, to develop the action beyond what is feasibly possible for Anschutz to do in their production. This conversion has proven to be the most efficient, stable and reliable conversion available for these Anschutz air rifles for HFT and FT with many championships and titles won by rifles converted by Tench at the hands of many shooters, including himself.

Main Work

The Tench Conversion

Tench's championship winning Anschutz conversion to transform the performance of your Anschutz PCP. Optimising consistency, ballistic characteristics and accuracy for the best advantage when out in the field.

We can also include the fitting of a front end cylinder quickfill, supply of a filling probe and a side plate to prevent any debris entering into the action.

If you are having a shroud or free floating barrel you will need to include the barrel band for us to machine.

As part of the work done to optimise the performance of your Anschutz, we can also tailor your rifle to better suit your particular shooting needs. Please contact us to discuss your needs before placing any orders, we will talk you though the options and tailor a solution to benefit you.

Bench Rest Discipline

We do not advise any shroud or air stripper is fitted or used for BR use, the standard barrel sleeve on the 9015 helps with any barrel harmonic which is more noticeable for BR use, the ability to add/remove mass to this sleeve is more beneficial for BR discipline tuning than any shroud or stripper. 

Any rifle fitted with a shroud or stripper we cannot guarantee will retain its accuracy after the shroud/stripper conversion is done as 4" of the barrel sleeve is removed and the the barrel itself machined to take the air stripper assembly.

We also advise you thoroughly test having a floated or supported barrel by removing the 2 grub screws on the barrel band, removing the sleeve and experimenting with a floating barrel before committing to having your barrel floated if you wish!

Getting your air rifle to us

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