Main Work 

RAT Works Conversion

The RAT Works conversion is  designed to make your rifle more consistent and air efficient, not more powerful. All sub 12 (non FAC) rifles are set to around 11.5ft/lbs after any work is done, keeping you well within the legal limit. 

When the work is done by the RAT Works the action is extensively worked on to increase the performance, efficiency, accuracy and overall feel of the rifle. Almost every aspect of the rifle is modified, changed or enhanced in some way.

The RAT Works conversion work will bring your Chiappa FAS-611 action up to spec with the FAS-611 we sell in our new tuned rifle sections. As well as Fitting a Tench regulator and tuning the rifle we will also fit a quick fill end to your air cylinder which also includes a gauge as well, once this is fitted you will no longer need to remove the cylinder to fill your rifle a new fill probe will also be provided

After the regulator is fitted and the tune carried out you can expect a shot to shot consistency of single figures as soon as the rifle has been worked on. A worksheet/invoice will be include with your rifle once the work is complete detailing the shot to shot consistency through our SKAN chronograph, the rifle is held correctly in a mount to guarantee accurate results. This consistency will improve further as the rifle is used.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not able to work on rifles fitted with aftermarket regulators other than ones we have fitted ourselves.

Getting your air rifle to us

Whether you would like to use our courier collection & return service or you would like to drop the air rifle in person. You will need to read through our delivery information by 
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