R10 FAC (All models)

Main Work 

Tench regulator and service 

With the Tench Regulator and service we will fully service the rifle, replacing all the seals. We will also check all the internal parts for ware/damage. The customer will be contact if any parts inside their rifle do need replacing. We will also replace the standard regulator with a Tench regulator as these are far more reliable and consistent compared with the standard one

We will also set the rifle up to run as efficiently and as effectively as possible with the highest power and minimal shot to shot variance 

Please note: power, shot count and shot to shot variance will be rifle specific and may change over the course of a single fill and with different pellets but we will do our best to minimizes these changes with the service and set up

Rifle Collection & Return Service

All FAC rifles will have to be dropped off to us in person or will have to be collected from your local RFD/Gun shop. When bringing your rifle to us or dropping it off at a RFD/Gun shop please bring a copy of your Licence as this will need to be checked before the rifle is taken off you.


1. We will only need the action/metalwork of the rifle, no stock, silencer, scope or shroud etc.

2. If applicable, please include the magazines or magazine you prefer to use with the rifle, if you have ever had any problems with them and we can investigate as required.

3. Please ensure the rifle is not cocked or loaded when packing for shipping! Rifles can still be charged with air.

4. Do not ship in a case/bag or with stock on(except for stock engraving or spring rifles) Shipping with these will incur a £25 storage/re-shipping charge.

5. Pack the rifle in a plain, strong cardboard box preferably with adequate newspaper or bubble wrap packing and mark the box with FRAGILE and DO NOT AIR UPLIFT. 

6. Collection can take place any time between 09:00 and 18:00 on the day, we cannot specify a time unfortunately.


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