R12 CLX & SLX (all models)

R12 CLX & SLX (all models)

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  • 28mm Carbon Shroud (with internal moderator)
  • Big Ball Bolt (bolt action ONLY)


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R12 CLX & SLX (all models)

Please read the information below regarding the work we do when we have your R12 and the different work options we have to customise your rifle to suit your needs. To book your air rifle in please fill out the options at the bottom of this page. Once you have filled everything out, add the work to your basket and proceed to the checkout.

The R12 represents a huge step forward for BSA over the R10, with an entirely new design, only retaining a handful of parts from the R10 build. The regulator is a totally new, more stable design with minimal moving parts. It has been many years since we have seen a new regulator from a manufacturer and this is an entire revamp for the R12. 

Building from the Ultra CLX monoblock design and moving over to a much larger regulated air capacity than the R10, an improved loading system, a nice clear good quality gauge along with an anti-double load mechanism, the BSA R12 CLX has some fantastic features as standard!

Our work on the R12 CLX vastly improves the standard shot count, giving over 300 full power shots from a single 232bar fill down until POI drop, (usually around 60bar with our modifications made) maximising your usable shots a fill, and improves the accuracy you can attain from the rifle. 

With the standard 280cc bottle, over 300 full power shots a fill can be had, going for the optional 480/500cc bottle would give you well over a tin of pellets (500+) per fill!

Main Work 

Service & Tune 


Fill pressure after work



(All Models) (280cc bottle)

232 BAR

300+ shots

300+ shots

The Service & Tune package builds on the improved design of the R12 regulator, paired with our performance parts to designed to make your rifle more consistent and air efficient, not more powerful. All sub 12 (non FAC) rifles are set to around 11.5ft/lbs after any work is done, keeping you well within the legal limit. 

As well as modifying the standard regulator and tuning the rifle we also engrave the breech block with the RAT WORKS logo as a way of showing that your rifle has been worked on by us, this is free of charge. If you would like extra engraving to personalise your rifle further, please look at our laser engraving tab in the homepage menu.

Below is a list of all the work undertaken as part of the tune.

Hammer Mechanism

- Ensure the assembly is free of any oil, grease or debris which can cause consistency issues

- Replace hammer spring with one of a more efficient design for use in regulated BSA rifles

- Hammer latch / trigger engagement faces are polished to enhance trigger feel

- PTFE slip disks fitted to reduce hammer spring torsion while cocking to aid shot to shot consistency

- Custom made hammer weight & guide to minimize hammer noise & speed up the 'lock time' of the rifle

Loading assembly

- Bolt action versions will be fitted with a new stainless steel pellet probe.

- Bearing surfaces polished and lubricated lightly.

- Probe guide on bolt action versions is replaced to decrease the chance of pellets falling back into the action when loading and to give a smoother cocking and loading cycle.

- The magazine 'Anti Double Load' mechanism is can be removed. Leaving this fitted can lead to consistency issues as it is driven directly from the hammer. If you would like this feature refitted after our work is done, please select the option from the drop down menu. Please note, having this refitted will give a small amount more variance (generally 5-10fps) which will be apparent on a chronograph, however in actual use in the field there will be little noticeable difference.

- Bolt lock up mechanism is modified on the bolt action version of the CLX for more responsive and smoother movement, also increasing the rifles consistency.

Exhaust valve, transfer port & barrel

- The exhaust valve body is replaced entirely with a new CNC machined housing to give far better efficiency than standard.

- Valve is refaced and modified for better flow.

- The valve pressure is reset to give a better performance and less difference in power between heavy and light pellets.

- The transfer port is modified to give more air flow efficiency.

- Breech face modified to reduce wear on the pellet when loading.

- Crown of the barrel re-cut to prevent any damage to the pellet as it leaves the barrel.

Trigger assembly

- Sears are polished to a smoother finish to help a smooth cocking action.

- Trigger pin assembly is shimmed to reduce movement from left to right.

- Trigger let-off is set to a comfortable and safe amount..

- 1st stage travel can be reduced beyond standard adjustment at request.

After the regulator is fitted and the tune carried out you can expect a shot to shot consistency of single figures as soon as the rifle has been worked on. A report sheet will be emailed to you once the work is complete detailing the shot to shot consistency through our SKAN chronograph, during the testing process the rifle is held correctly in a mount to guarantee accurate results.  This consistency will improve further as the rifle is used.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not able to guarantee consistency on rifles fitted with aftermarket regulators other than ones we have fitted ourselves.

Stock Engraving

We can engrave either our logo or a logo/image of your choice, this can only be done on wooden/laminate stock. For all Engraving options please click here

Getting your air rifle to us

Whether you would like to use our courier collection & return service or you would like to drop the air rifle in person. You will need to read through our delivery information by 
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