HW 97

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HW 97

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Product details

Main Work

Basic Tune

Complete strip, service and degrease 

- Production burr removal

 - Custom top hat and spring guide

- Trigger Reset. 

Advanced Tune

Complete strip, service and degrease

 - Remove burrs and parts polished.

 - Custom top hat and spring guide.

 - Replacement spring, optional.

 - Trigger enhancement work

 - Piston seal modified and compression tube resurfaced

 - Lightweight piston modification 

Rifle Collection & Return Service

We can arrange a collection and return service from you via our fully insured next day courier if you are not local to us. This service allows air rifles to be collected and returned to your home address on a fully insured next day service.


1. We will only need the action/metalwork in the stock of the rifle, no silencer, scope or shroud etc.

2. If applicable, please include the magazines or magazine you prefer to use with the rifle, if you have ever had any problems with them and we can investigate as required.

3. Please ensure the rifle is not cocked or loaded when packing for shipping! Rifles can still be charged with air.

4. Do not ship in a case/bag Shipping with these will incur a £25 storage/re-shipping charge.

5. Pack the rifle in a plain, strong cardboard box preferably with adequate newspaper or bubble wrap packing and mark the box with FRAGILE and DO NOT AIR UPLIFT.

6. Collection can take place any time between 09:00 and 18:00 on the day, we cannot specify a time unfortunately.